New Director and New Direction

In 1985, Chuck Bieler stepped down as director, although he continued working with the Zoological Society as an advisor and on a variety of fund-raising and community-relations projects. Stepping into the executive director role was Douglas Myers, who had been general manager of the Wild Animal Park. Having worked with both Dr. Schroeder and Chuck Bieler, Doug was well versed in Zoological Society history and future plans.

One of his favorite sayings, then and now, is something Dr. Schroeder told him: “Respect the past, but change the future.” He had an opportunity to do both not long after starting: he and staff members traveled again to China, to sign an agreement to bring golden monkeys to the Zoo on a breeding loan (above) and explore collaborative efforts for Przewalski’s horses, western tufted deer, Chinese monals, takins, red pandas, and other Asian species.

Joining Doug in a new role was Betty Jo F. Williams (left, with Doug), who had served on the board of trustees and was now taking on the role of board president—the first woman president in the Society’s history.


Conservation 1977 - 1986
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